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SOS offers a variety of repair solutions for needs across all industries from ethanol to paper. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.
After Clamp Repair

SOS offers full-service leak repair solutions for all industrial needs. We offer solutions for in-place leaks under full flow conditions no matter the pressure, process or time of day. SOS offers in-house machine fabrication of engineered clamps and housing units, ensuring a prompt response and full control around the repair process. 

Our team responds 24/7 in order to address your most emergent needs.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Our carbon composites solve a diverse array of problems. Leaky pipe, tank, flange or valve system? Looking to repair a failing containment system or concrete support column? Carbon fiber's flexible nature allows it to be applied to a wide array of shapes, offering a repair solution for the most challenging locations. Contact us to discuss Carbon Composite repair for a wide variety of applications from repair to structural reinforcement.

Freeze Finished

SOS offers precision freezing using a controlled liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system. Precision freezing is safe, cost effective and temporarily isolates sections of pipe for as long as necessary, allowing repairs or modification to be made to your system without shutting off or draining valuable materials. Precision freezing creates an opportunity to access damaged areas and complete repairs while avoiding complete shutdown of systems such as sprinkler or water supplies.


When worn out or damaged components are too large to be brought to a machine shop, or when dismantling these components is too time consuming (and necessitates costly downtime and challenging transportation logistics), the solution is to bring the machining to the site. Field machining is the lowest cost alternative when the component can't come apart, or when repairs must be done quickly. Our Field Technicians are ready to be onsite at your facility to address your machining needs.

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